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  • AMR Compatible Water Meter
AMR Compatible Water Meter

AMR Compatible Water Meter

Size Range 15mm to 50mm

Brand: Alttiss Application: Domestic Packaging Type: Carton Box Size: 15mm Display: Analogue Body: Brass Standards: IS 779:1994 Warranty: 2 Years Max. Temperature: 50 Degree Celcius Max. Pressure: 16 bar Protection Class: IP-68 Qmin.: 30 L/h Qt.: 120 L/h Qn.: 1500 L/h Qmax.: 3000 L/h Length Without Nipples: 165mm Length With Nipples: 250mm


  • Multijet
  • Dry Dial
  • Antimagnetic type, protected against external magnetic tempering
  • Confirm to ISO:4064, Class-B Standards and IS 779:1994
  • No risk of Corrosion and Sedimentation
  • Vacuum Sealed Register, Frost Resistant
  • Plastic Cap & Ring
  • Sealed against Tempering
  • Register also available in copper can for increased life with Warranty upto 5 years
  • AMR Compatible Solutions:
    1) LORA
    2) BLE (Bluetooth) Enabled
    3) GSM/GPRS, Prepaid
  • Battery Operated (Life 10 Yrs.)

Integrating Alttiss Water Meters into Modern Smart Metering Systems:

The seamless integration of water meters into advanced remote reading systems is essential for efficient and data-driven water management. At SMC Aqua Solutions Private Limited, our Alttiss brand employs cutting-edge technologies to enable the seamless communication of water meters, making them an integral part of modern smart metering solutions.

AMR Technology for Smart Metering: Alttiss water meters are equipped with AMR (Automated Meter Reading) technology, designed to provide modular and adaptable solutions for smart metering systems. These solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of our valued customers.

Diverse Connectivity Options: Our portfolio offers a range of connectivity options, including both wired bus systems and wireless radio solutions. These choices ensure that our water meters can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of infrastructure and environments.

Comprehensive Software Support: To facilitate the activation and data retrieval process, we provide software solutions that are fully compatible with our smart metering systems. Our software offerings are designed for efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendly operation.

At SMC Aqua Solutions Private Limited, we are committed to delivering smart metering solutions that empower businesses, municipalities, and individuals to manage their water resources with precision and ease. Join us in embracing the future of water management with Alttiss water meters and experience the benefits of seamless integration and data-driven insights.